Mission Statement

To foster economic development and to serve as a bridge between the Hispanic and non-Hispanic community by facilitating business, social, educational and governmental relationships.

Fomentar el desarrollo económico y ser un puente entre la comunidad hispana y no hispana facilitando las relaciones comerciales, sociales, educativas y gubernamentales.  

Mission / Misión

Our Mission at the SWFHCC is to promote, advocate and facilitate the success of Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses, markets and communities. Develop a central database of business information and contact center for businesses interested in the local, national and international Hispanic and non-Hispanic markets.

Nuestra Misión consiste en promover, abogar y facilitar el éxito de los comerciantes, el mercado y la comunidad hispana y no hispana. Desarrollar un centro de información y contactos para comerciantes interesados en el mercado hispano y no hispano local, nacional e internacional.

About Us

The Southwest Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SWFLHCC) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, and non-partisan organization for the purpose of promoting, advocating, and facilitating the economic advancement of its members and the organization, was established in 1989 and covers five counties: Charlotte , Collier, Glades, Hendry, and Lee.

We strive to promote the development of the Hispanic community by assisting in the development of Hispanic-owned businesses and markets and serving as the central information source for the general business community regarding Hispanic trends in Southwest Florida . The SWFHCC is a network of Hispanic business associations and firms that is committed to expanding business opportunities, encouraging mutually beneficial ties with the public and private sectors, serving as an active and visible advocate in the Hispanic business arena, and promoting trade between the Hispanic- American business community and our Latin American counterparts.

The Chamber is one of the most effective ways in Southwest Florida to interact with the growing Hispanic community. Membership is open to any person or organization having an interest in promoting the objectives of the Chamber.

The Hispanic Community in Southwest Florida

Lee: 106,342 (17.3%); Collier: 80,761 (25.1%); Hendry: 16,889 (46.4%); Charlotte : 7,593 (4.9%); Glades: 1,561 (15.9%), and includes a great diversity: Mexican: 46.26%; Puerto Rican: 20.24%; Cuban: 12.6%; Central American: 5.82%; South American: 5.22%; Dominican: 0.3%; Other: 9.54% (2000 US Census).  Recognizing the cultural diversity of the Hispanic community, the SWFLHCC strives for unity and inclusiveness of the people of the Americas while serving as a link between Hispanics and the larger community.

Florida, Gateway to Latin America

Recognizing that Florida is the Gateway to Latin America, Florida’s important trade partner, the SWFLHCC has taken the initiative to promote Southwest Florida in Latin America by facilitating two-way trade missions to and from Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  With many of these nations, our Chamber has sponsored trade promotion trips to Washington, D.C. The SWFLHCC continues to promote trade with other countries in Latin America.



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